In addressing land and natural resource-based conflict, RECONCILE was a technical partner in the implementation of Sustainable Conflict Management in Arid Land Ecosystems (SCALE) from 2020 to 2022 jointly with Mercy Corps, Turkana Pastoralists Development Organization (TUPADO), and Caritas Maralal. The project was funded by European Union (EU) with overall goal of realising; strengthened the local civil society to work with communities and government authorities to prevent conflict and build sustainable peace within Samburu County, specifically the border areas of Samburu North and Samburu Central. The programme improved the capacity of local civil society and community groups to prevent and manage conflicts related to land and natural resources.

RECONCILE was leading the policy and land and natural resources component seeking to deepen the understanding of triggers of conflict within the context land and natural resources use, access and sharing, the implications of climate change to migration. As a land expert organization, RECONCILE sought to apply diverse and non-conventional peace building and conflict management approach and used Technology to interrogate the trends and triggers of conflict with a view to delivering a more strategic and informed and a tailored capacity-building plan to the CSO’s institutional sustainability beyond the life of the programme. The project finally mitigated the threat and destabilizing impact of violent conflict driven by commercialization of cattle raiding and politicization of inter-communal conflict, by peacefully sharing existing natural resources. Of strategic interest and benefit to the county and partners, RECONCILE developed a resource Atlas for reference to understanding the trends, triggers and hotspots.