Our Profile

Resource Conflict Institute (RECONCILE) is a non – governmental organization. Registered in Kenya in 2001, with its headquarters in Nakuru, the organization works in the broader Eastern Africa Region, implementing programs in Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and Sudan, through strategic partnerships.

The Institute conducts policy and legal research on land, environmental and natural resources governance, environmental education and advocates for policies, laws and practices that empower resource dependent communities to influence policy processes and institutions.

Recognizing that competition for use, access and management of shared resources results often time to resource based conflicts, strengthens capacities of resource users how to negotiate conflict free, and community empowering investments on natural resources. All its activities have a bearing on securing access, use, ownership and management of natural resource.

Currently, RECONCILE hosts and coordinates activities of Rangelands Initiative Africa a global programme of the International Land Coalition (ILC) supporting members and partners working on rangelands in Africa. This has increased the numbers of partners and members the organization engages, and expanded its area of operations to include West and Central Africa.

RECONCILE is run by a Board of directors, which provides policy direction and strategic leadership to the organization. Day to day running of the organization is facilitated by the Executive Director. Activities of the organization are organized around three core departments; Programs, Finance and Administration, Consultancy and Partnerships.