Institutional Strengthening

Having a well-resourced and adequately capacitated institution is central to the realization of the key objectives as well as the mandates and programs of RECONCILE. Therefore, both the Board of Directors, The Chairman, the Executive Director and staff will continuously focus on building the Institute’s capacity to enable it promote and achieve sound administrative practices, good governance and standards in a constantly changing environment.

There is urgent need for the organization to enhance and mainstream Information and Communications Technology (ICT) within its systems to cope with the ever-changing environments and in reaching its target populations. The urgency has been heightened by the current COVID – 19 pandemics, which has limited contacts and mobility for staff, partners and communities. As many meetings go online, RECONCILE needs to position itself strategically with the appropriate technology to be able to function effectively in spite of the pandemic while also ensuring the health and safety of its staff. This can only be achieved through the proper utilization of ICT.

The following actions shall be taken to strengthen the institutional capacity of RECONCILE, namely:

  1. Establishment of a strong and sustainable financial base ë
  2. Mainstreaming of ICT in all aspects of the Institute’s operations;
  3. Establishment of an oversight mechanism at both Board and management levels to ensure the effective implementation of this Transition Plan.