Under the resilience, livelihoods and food security, RECONCILE implemented Integrated capacity for recovery and early action in emergencies for drought affected communities in ASAL counties (I-CREATE) project in Baringo county. The project was funded by USAID through the office of the Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance (BHA). Priority areas;
  • Agriculture and food security (Livestock, Improving Agricultural Production/Food Security);
  • Risk Management Policy and Practice (Capacity building and training, Policy and planning);
  • Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (Hygiene Promotion, Water Supply).

I-CREATE was a multi-county intervention straddling five ASAL counties of Marsabit, Baringo, Turkana, West Pokot and Samburu. These are clustered as the four of the USAID/OFDA sectors and eight sub sectors with each of the five target Counties covered by at least five of these sub-sectors depending on their context specific needs. The intervention was delivered through close collaboration and partnership with County government structures and processes to foster sustainability beyond the project period.

Strategic partnership was enabled through joint annual work plan development with the relevant County government departments of health, agriculture, livestock, water and Disaster Risk Management (DRM). The project also contributed to a solid partnership with the implementing partners and the lead for the region ACTED. Communities on the other hand were engaged through their local level structures for Disaster Risk Reduction, community health strategy and producer groups to deliver local level interventions.

Key delivery areas;
Supporting county government institutions: strengthened both public and private sector animal health service delivery, technical extension service provision for crop and livestock production, Water supply services both for human and livestock consumption, and strengthened institutional preparedness through county integrated needs analysis tracking and contingency planning. Community level technical and awareness support, facilitation and participation; County government budgeting and planning processes, Disaster risk reduction planning and financing at community level as well as increased access to basic service provision.

Areas and stakeholders;
Tiaty Sub- County (Tangulbei/Korosi, Churo Amaya and Loyamorock wards) and Baringo South sub-county (Marigat, Mukutani, Ilchamus and Mochogoi wards).