The strategy is developed and implemented through the NES Kenya platform that consist of network of civil society organizations, professional bodies, private sector and the research institutions working on land and natural resource governance in the country. It is pegged on ILC membership in Kenya consisting of a wide diversity that include: LDGI, KLA, RECONCILE, OPDP, GROOTS Kenya, KENAFF, CIPDP, MACOFA, EAFF, EC, FAO, GLTN, ICRAF, IFAD, ILRI and OXFAM.

The goal of the strategy is to coordinate NES members towards the attainment of people centered land reforms agenda in the country to strengthen the capacity of members and fast track gender sensitive implementation of laws. It has a Steering Committee where RECONCILE is a member and spearhead activities from 2019 to 2021 under the Rangelands and Community Land thematic working group. The implementation of the strategy is guided by three strategies: Connect, Mobilize and Influence land reforms for enhanced land governance.


  1. Review, analysis and research was undertaken on legal frameworks related to land and natural resources to provide an in-depth conceptualization on the gaps, opportunities and challenges while recommending on the alternatives.