Resource Conflict Institution (RECONCILE)

Our Mission

To promote policies, laws and institutions that empower resource-dependent communities in Eastern Africa to effectively participate in natural resource management and conflict resolution for improved livelihoods.

Our Vision

An equitable and just society where policies and laws guarantee access, control and sustainable management of natural resources.

Strategic Objectives for RECONCILE

To promote the formulation of policies, laws and institutions that empowers communities to manage natural resources and resource conflict.

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Resource Conflict Institute (RECONCILE) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) established in 1999 and duly registered in Kenya with a regional

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Meet Our Team

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Shadrack Omondi

Shadrack Omondi is the Executive director of RECONCILE. He is a trained sociologist with diverse experience and interests in policy, advocacy, research and capacity building in natural resource management, natural resource investment conflicts (by looking at public private partnerships/ inclusive business models) and livelihoods (pastoralism, small holder farmers and fisheries).


Michael Ochieng Odhiambo

Michael is a Land and Natural Resource Management policy enviromental law project and programme assessment expert.


Ken Otieno

Ken is a Social Scientist with extension background on policy, advocacy and field research and training.


Irene Aloo Mukalo

Irene Aloo Mukalo she is a Programme Manager-Natural Resource Conflict Governance and member management team-Programatic functions. She is a trained Teacher and has a Masters Degree in Education for Sustainable Development (EfS). She has vast experience on community organizing and capacity development, institutional development and capacity building. Training in NRM, Advocacy. img04